The one where I: Haul books I bought in February 2019.

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In the Basket: Random Landmark Haul

So last Sunday I had the chance to go around Landmark Makati while I kill some hours waiting for Ed. I was trying so hard not to get so much but I still ended up around 3k poorer. Sigh. But my heart was happy, and I was happy, and everything is right in the world. Well, except for my wallet. 

This is a super random weekend haul, really – from bath stuff to make up to stuff I bought for my baby sister.

Now here are they are:

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January Book Haul!

January 2015 was a crazy month for me! It was the month I discovered the BookTube community and I was just swayed to buy all the titles recommended by my favourite Booktubers! Yes, I am easily swayed like that. Ha ha. This is such a crazy haul, I know!

I’m just so excited about all these titles! And I know school’s getting a lot busier at this time of the year, but whatever! Ha ha. 

So that’s it! I hope you enjoy my little haul here.

I’m off to read!