Where to get book recommendations?

Some of my non-reader friends often wonder where I get book recommendations, as it seems like my to-be-read stack keeps on piling up. It occurred to me, then, that for non-readers, finding good titles, new books, new authors, etc. could be a bit overwhelming while it has become second nature to us avid lovers of the written art.

Because of this, I’ve decided to come up with a list of sources where I get, sometimes unconsciously really, recommendations and ideas on what to read next.


Goodreads is not just a online library of books where you can read blurbs and reviews about them. Do you know that has a really helpful feature when it comes to book recommendations?

I’m surprised that not a lot of people know about this feature. Basically, you open a book you like and if you’re using the web version, you will see on the right hand side afeature that says “Readers Also Enjoyed”. Clicking it would lead you to a whole new page of endless recommendations similar to that book you liked. I swear this is the main reason why my TBR keeps on piling up to no end.

Bookstagram/Trusted bookstagrammers

I could probably say that I have (almost)abandoned my personal Instagram account because I have been spending so much time in bookstagram. Creating a dedicated account for books is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because aside from it being a stress-free platform, it also provides unlimited book recommendations from people with similar tastes as mine. With this, I would like to mention some of my favorite bookstagrammers whose books recommendations I fully and wholeheartedly trust!

Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook groups that I am a part of which are dedicated mainly to specific genres. For one, I am loving this Historical Romance group that I am in where so many readers from around the world would post about their favorite histroms and it just excites me everyday to check the page out for new recommendations.

There’s also this YA Fantasy group that I am part of where I get to be updated of the latest books in the young adult fantasy world. Facebook groups are just the best!


There was a time when I was so engrossed with booktube and all the titles that I was reading and buying (!) were all coming from there. Although I haven’t been actively watching booktube videos anymore, its definitely a good place to get recommendations.

How about you? I would love to know where you guys get your book recommendations too!

I’M BACK? AGAIN? I guess so.

Who am I? What am I doing here posting an update? Do you still even know me? I’m sure you don’t anymore because I have been soooo out for so so long. I’m sorry?


Anyway, let me reintroduce myself because why not – I’m Kat, a twenty-something lawyer by day and reader at all the hours in between from the Philippines, and you can always find me ~reading after ten~ (o’clock? Yes, my blog name definitely pertains to a reading time reference) 🙂 Why are you only seeing me now, you may ask? No I’m not a guest blogger here. I’m actually your resident blogger  but life has gotten so much in the way this year that’s why I have been MIA for almost 7 months. I have been reading a lot of contemporaries and small town romances during the early part of this year — I haven’t been reviewing them though and it just feels so freeing, if you know what I mean? Reading without reviewing has definitely lifted so much pressure off my shoulders, hence you won’t see any 2020 reviews here so far.

But lately, I feel like I have been missing doing tags, posting reviews, and just writing in general. So here I am! I hope you would welcome me back just like nothing happened.


Don’t be a stranger! Post in comment section below what your BEST READ for 2020 so far is! I would love to catch up with each one of you!