Christmas 2019 at Wind Residences!

We spent our Christmas 2019 at Wind Residences, Tagaytay through AirBnb and it was such a great experience.

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Spending Christmas in the highlands was a last minute decision as we initially planned to just spend it at home since Dad and Gil are both away this year. So when Mama agreed that we just spend Christmas in Tagaytay, I immediately looked for hotel accommodations but grandly failed to book any because it’s peak season. Hence, I turned to the ever trustworthy AirBnb and lo and behold, I found a hotel-like listing at Wind Residences! 🙂

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This condo unit was listed at AirBnb as “SkyWind Tagaytay (Taal View, W/ Parking, Netflix)”. In sum, I super recommend this place if you’re staying in the highlands. Rio – the owner – was super quick in her responses to our queries. The unit was very well-maintained and according to its owners, it was actually designed like a hotel room so that their guests would feel like they’re actually checked-in to one.

We had such a lovely  stay here, and Mama and I even had our traditional ensaymada and hot chocolate on Christmas morning:

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We had a very simple Christmas this year. Met up with the rest of Mama’s side of the family later in the day for lunch in Nuvali, and headed home right after ‘coz Typhoon Ursula is at signal number 3 already! *Yikes* I can’t believe I was able to drive Mama and Celine home safely considering that it was my first time to drive to the highlands! Hehe. 

Hope you guys had a peaceful, meaningful and happy Christmas too! 🙂

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Thank you, 2019! Cheers to 2020!

HAY, 2019! What a year you have been! It has surely been a roller-coaster of emotions but all the good definitely outweighed the crazy and the bad.

2019 was a year of uprooting for me.

I got uprooted from my work of almost three years as an associate and transferred to a totally new playing field – the judiciary. I got uprooted from my home of 5 years, and went back to living with my family in Batangas. I now drive (which I never imagined myself doing *ever* what with the convenience of Grab and Uber and sometimes my own personal driver for work); I just bought my own car (which wasn’t really part of the plan and which sounds superrrr crazy to me ‘coz I don’t drive nga and just thinking about the monthly installment is making me insane ). Things just kept happening, and blessings just kept on pouring, and there was nothing left to do but to just take it all in and give thanks. 


It was good year of travel too. Traveled to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Not so much locally, though. Just the usual hour drive to Tagaytay with friends and family during some weekends.


Finally, despite all the *overwhelming* new things that’s happening in my life all through out the year, 2019 made me realize that I wouldn’t trade anything for my constants. My parents ~ Daddy and Mama ~ my siblings, Gil and Celine, Yna and the rest of the family, and my ultimate soul mate, Ed. They have been my constant source of happiness (and sakit sa ulo sometimes, but never mind that) and everything is just meaningless without them.


Thank you, 2019. You have been so good. Cheers to 2020! Praying for an equally, if not more, blessed new year!

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LIFE UPDATE: I am playing catch up and I am tired!

It’s been a while, friends, and oh how I missed blogging! This post is just a quick update for y’all (and probably a quick motivation for me to read as well) because this month was nothing short of crazy! To say that it’s been hectic and intense is just a big understatement.

Some life update:

So as you know (or not), I have been living away from home since I started college. At first I thought I was just gonna be away for four years but then I pursued law school so that’s another four years of being away. I go home weekly, though, so I won’t get overly dramatic about it. 🙂 After law school, I worked in the city *still* so that added another 3 years of being “independent”.


But fast forward to today, I have recently been appointed as court attorney in my home province so, YES, I am happy to update y’all that I just moved back home after almost 12 years of being away!!  12 years sounds so many haha but I’m not THAT old, I promise.


Hence ~considering all the chaos~ my lack of reading for this month.


At the beginning of October, I planned to join #romancetakeover at Instagram. But as per usual, I wasn’t able to finish the challenge, let alone one book. Gah. I don’t know the meaning of my life anymore?

Now that November is fast approaching, I can only hope I’d have a much more productive reading month.

I would love to hear from you guys! I missed talking to all of you and please please please, I am desperate for recommendations!






WWW Wednesday #7 | September 11,2019


Gah! How I missed doing WWW Wednesdays! ❤ It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a quick reading update for you guys and I’m really sorry for that. Life is just so freaking hectic lately (but fun kind of hectic, I must say ;). So here’s a quick update for ya! P.S. I’m slowly getting back to historical romances lately so don’t be surprised if I have a lot of them in my lists below 😉


Like I said, I’m slowly getting back to historical romances lately and I couldn’t be happier! ❤ I thought I have long outgrown the genre, but ever since I discovered #romancelandia in Instagram – and oh how friendly and wonderful the romance bloggers are there!!! – I was inspired to read from the genre again. I must say,  best decision ever! Now I’m discovering so many new-to-me authors like Sarah Maclean, Nalini Singh, and Kennedy Ryan. Of course my ultimate favourite Julia Quinn will always have  a special shoutout from me forever! 😉


Because of Miss Bridgerton and The Girl With The Make Believe Husband are books one and two of the Rokesby series by Julia Quinn, respectively. This series is a prequel to the very well-known and well-loved (and is gonna be a Netflix series soon!!!) Bridgerton series!! 🙂 I loved both of these book so much that I instantly got into the third book in the series – see The Other Miss Bridgerton  in currently reading above. 😉


I’m really quite undecided still, but I’m putting all three of these titles here because I have started all of them but stopped at some point. Oh the shame I’m feeling right now. 😉 I know, all these are such high-rated books but I don’t know, I wasn’t just feeling any them when I read them I guess.

So that’s my quick update for you! I wanna know what you guys are currently reading too and how are you liking them so far?

*WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Worlds. 


Book Talk: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

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Friday Check-In #2: July 5, 2019

Friday Check In

Friday Check-In is meme I sorta created here to give you guys an update about what I’m currently reading as end the week, and my overall reading plans for the weekend. If you’re doing it as well, please don’t forget to tag me so I can have a peak into your weekend reading plans, too! 🌟 Continue reading “Friday Check-In #2: July 5, 2019”

Mid-Year Freak Out: 2019! a.ka. Why Is It All About Daisy Jones?

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Oh god, it’s July?! Somebody please tell me how the first six months went by THAT fast. Phew. Today I’m doing the mid-year tag, and a couple of blinks later I’m probably be doing the Year End tag already. Crazy.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2019!


I honestly thought that I’m going to have a hard time doing this Tuesday’s prompt because if you’d personally ask me what releases I’m anticipating for the second half of 2019, I would tell you point blank that I don’t have any. 😅 Seriously, I’m so bad with keeping up with new releases and their publication dates. I’ll just know when a book’s out when…well, they’re out.

So I tried looking into my Goodreads TBR and as it turns out, I have quite a lot of “wanna reads” that are gonna be released on the latter half of 2019. So yay! I have a list! 🥰

Without further a do (which is basically me just saying that I should shut up now and just proceed with this post!), here’s my Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2019!

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Blog Tour: Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Penguin Random House for the opportunity to review this gem, and Bookworms Unite PH for making this blog tour possible.)

Patron Saints of Nothing is THE book that all Filipino readers long for, whether they know it or not. Continue reading “Blog Tour: Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay”