The Legend Series by Marie Lu

Four weeks ago, I posted in my Instagram account (@thebooklander) one of the series I am most anticipating to finish this year – which is the Legend Series by Marie Lu.

I was so ecstatic when I finally get to complete the series in my shelf, but I had very limited time to read for the last couple of weeks because of it’s finals week, so I had to focus on all my acads. I finished Legend early March this year, but I crawled my way through Prodigy, for reasons not at all related to the book, but because school just got in my way. I finally finished it about two days ago, and I am finally, FINALLY!, finishing this series today! Reading Champion now, and I am having a book hangover already even if I haven’t finished it yet. It’s. That. Good. You guys have to definitely, definitely, check this series out!

I am not going to give a full on review on this post coz I wanted to have a series review once I finish reading Champion. I kinda semi-spoiled myself already when I went through the comments in Goodreads, but,  I still don’t know how it all ends, so yeah.

Honestly, I am SCARED on how it will all end. I am terrified that June and Day may not end up together. I just won’t be able to take it if that’s how it’ll end, I will hate Marie Lu forever if it happens that way! 🙂 Nah, but seriously, I cried of heartbreak when Prodigy ended, and I just don’t want it to happen again in Champion. Please, Marie Lu, no! So there’s my quick little update on my reading. I’ll hopefully finish Champion tonight and come up with a series review in a couple of days! Happy reading everyone! 🙂

Keep calm, and read on!

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