Smutathon Round 3: My TBR!

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Finally! A readathon that I know will definitely take me out of my 2-month reading slump! As its name implies, this is a readathon involving smutty and steamy reads. ❤ And if you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ll know that smut is one of my guilty pleasures in life! They’re just so fast and easy to read, with the hot characters as your bonus on the side. 😉 What more could you ask for? Lainey and Riley are hosting this readathon, and you can see the complete prompts and challenges in their videos, which are linked in their names.

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Some random 7-day read-a-thon!

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So I randomly  thought of doing a read-a-thon for the next seven days (August 21-27) because of the following reasons:
  1. August 21st and August 27th are Philippine holidays and I know I won’t be doing anything during those days but read; 
  2. My work load looks a little light so might as well take advantage of it; and 
  3. The ultimate reason, of course: I need to catch up on my reading goal for this year! (God! I am 14 books behind schedule!)

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Marvel-A-Thon 2018: My TBR!

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It’s June 1st, friends, and it’s the start of the awesome awesome Marvela-thon hosted by Jamieson, who you can check out here. The last time I joined a readathon was ages ago, and to be honest I don’t usually finish! 🙂 But this time I needed a push in my reading because I haven’t been reading in the last couple of months. So what better way to be pushing yourself than by joining a readathon, right?

In summary, this readathon is composed of three phases: you start with phase one and you can’t go to the next unless you finish all challenges in the pase you are in. It’s not super strict, though, as we’re given two skips per phase (a total of 6 for the whole readathon!). I swear I’m definitely gonna be using all my SKIPS! I’m a slow reader! Ha ha!  Continue reading “Marvel-A-Thon 2018: My TBR!”