On weddings, books, Kdrama and coming back.

Hello, lovely people of the blogging world! I know it’s been too long and I can’t believe so much have happened already since I last posted. I got married, for one, and I might sound really casual and nonchalant about it here but I’m secretly, internally screaming inside whenever I say that. Hah! Forgive me, I’m still on cloud nine. It’s been almost two months but allow me to still share with you some the snippets from our big day.

Needless to say, we had the time of our lives. I got to marry the man I’ve always prayed for, while we were surrounded by our beautiful family and friends. It was an intimate celebration, but one that will forever make our heart full.

We had the best wedding entourage, too! Despite the pandemic, we were so grateful that our family and friends made time not just to be with us, but to actually party with us! Ha! There’s were lots of dancing and singing and the food seemed endless. It was perfect.

I’ll probably make a couple more posts about what my life is now that I’m married, and it’s something I’m really excited to blog about. So many new things to learn but I’m definitely here for it. Anyway, enough of our wedding. Here’s a little update about my current reading status ~ as if I have been reading!

To be real honest, I haven’t finished a book in about five months now and I’m telling you, it’s painful! I’m currently in the middle of these four though and I’m trying so hard to finish each of them. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my most anticipated reads this year and it’s a shame how it’s being so meh for me so far. Then I tried reading The Guest List by Lucy Foley ‘cos I usually read thrillers faster but I can’t get into it just the same. Though lately I stopped pressuring myself to finsih a book, it’s just that I miss the feeling of doing so. My fingers are crossed.

Whenever I’m not TRYING TO read, you’ll find me watching K-Drama! I’m so late in this craze but late is always better then never. So after finishing Squid Game ~ which is hands down one of the best series I’ve watched do far ~ I immediately delved into Hometown Cha cha cha because I’ve been hearing so many good things about it. It’s such a huge plus that it’s in a small town setting which, if you know my romance loving self, is my favorite romance novel genre.

I’m slowly getting into the world of K-Drama so if you have recommendations, please please leave them below! I’m in dire need of recs!

So that’s life so far and I’m happy and thankful that even though I’ve been on and off here, this place still feels like my safe haven where I can rant and rave about all the happenings in my life. I can’t wait to be back here and I hope you are too!

Happy reading and stay safe always, friends!

It’s a Wrap! | January & February 2021

WHOA. In a snap of a finger, just like that, February is over and we are 2 out of 12 for 2021! That was fast.

wedding plans

I had great January, to say the least. It was this month that we started to make initial plans for our wedding which is happening on September this year. We attended meetings with our wedding planners and coordinators, hotel and venue suppliers, etc. It’s both scary and exciting but I’m definitely loving every bit of the process despite the stress here and there. I was initially comforted by the fact that we have so much time in our hands and still so much room to plan, but as January ended *just like that* in a zoom, I now can’t help but feel a tiny bit of panic! But kalma. We’ll be okay. Not much progress in February, just met up with our wedding host which pretty much hyped us all the more!

Books I read

I had a pretty successful January when it comes to reading, but February was a totally different story. It was definitely a meh reading month.

I started reading the ever famous Winston Brothers by Penny Reid this year and boy was I glad I did! Was able to finish the first three books in the series through my audiobook subscription on Scribd and needless to say, the hype over this series is real. Reading The Midnight Library was something new for me, as I don’t usually read a lot of fantasy fiction. Finally, a re-read of A Courts of Thorns and Roses was definitely a good highlight of my month!

Like I said, February wasn’t as productive but I’m happy to report that these two books are just as great as the first ones in the series!


It’s a pretty amazing first two months of the year, I must say. I started a business called Kalm Essentials, which is a hanging diffuser business and it kinda kicked off really well. We started to cater not just to family and friends, but also to other parts of Batangas and Laguna area because of our growing number of resellers. I also started investing in a business called Batangas Premium Longganisa. If you’re from the Philippines, you know how big a part longganisa plays not just in a Filipino breakfast but even for lunch and dinners! I was actually just a consumer of the brand before but, and I know will really sound biased, it was soooo good I just had to invest in it!

So that’s my January and February so far! Oh and one last good news, I almost forgot! I got a DOT COM!!! I am now merging my book blog and my personal blog and that’s probably the reason why you’re seeing this somewhat personal life update post if you’re coming from the bookish community, and this bookish post if you’re coming from the ~general blog sphere~.

Have a lovely month ahead!