It’s a Wrap! | January & February 2021

WHOA. In a snap of a finger, just like that, February is over and we are 2 out of 12 for 2021! That was fast.

wedding plans

I had great January, to say the least. It was this month that we started to make initial plans for our wedding which is happening on September this year. We attended meetings with our wedding planners and coordinators, hotel and venue suppliers, etc. It’s both scary and exciting but I’m definitely loving every bit of the process despite the stress here and there. I was initially comforted by the fact that we have so much time in our hands and still so much room to plan, but as January ended *just like that* in a zoom, I now can’t help but feel a tiny bit of panic! But kalma. We’ll be okay. Not much progress in February, just met up with our wedding host which pretty much hyped us all the more!

Books I read

I had a pretty successful January when it comes to reading, but February was a totally different story. It was definitely a meh reading month.

I started reading the ever famous Winston Brothers by Penny Reid this year and boy was I glad I did! Was able to finish the first three books in the series through my audiobook subscription on Scribd and needless to say, the hype over this series is real. Reading The Midnight Library was something new for me, as I don’t usually read a lot of fantasy fiction. Finally, a re-read of A Courts of Thorns and Roses was definitely a good highlight of my month!

Like I said, February wasn’t as productive but I’m happy to report that these two books are just as great as the first ones in the series!


It’s a pretty amazing first two months of the year, I must say. I started a business called Kalm Essentials, which is a hanging diffuser business and it kinda kicked off really well. We started to cater not just to family and friends, but also to other parts of Batangas and Laguna area because of our growing number of resellers. I also started investing in a business called Batangas Premium Longganisa. If you’re from the Philippines, you know how big a part longganisa plays not just in a Filipino breakfast but even for lunch and dinners! I was actually just a consumer of the brand before but, and I know will really sound biased, it was soooo good I just had to invest in it!

So that’s my January and February so far! Oh and one last good news, I almost forgot! I got a DOT COM!!! I am now merging my book blog and my personal blog and that’s probably the reason why you’re seeing this somewhat personal life update post if you’re coming from the bookish community, and this bookish post if you’re coming from the ~general blog sphere~.

Have a lovely month ahead!

I’M BACK? AGAIN? I guess so.

Who am I? What am I doing here posting an update? Do you still even know me? I’m sure you don’t anymore because I have been soooo out for so so long. I’m sorry?


Anyway, let me reintroduce myself because why not – I’m Kat, a twenty-something lawyer by day and reader at all the hours in between from the Philippines, and you can always find me ~reading after ten~ (o’clock? Yes, my blog name definitely pertains to a reading time reference) 🙂 Why are you only seeing me now, you may ask? No I’m not a guest blogger here. I’m actually your resident blogger  but life has gotten so much in the way this year that’s why I have been MIA for almost 7 months. I have been reading a lot of contemporaries and small town romances during the early part of this year — I haven’t been reviewing them though and it just feels so freeing, if you know what I mean? Reading without reviewing has definitely lifted so much pressure off my shoulders, hence you won’t see any 2020 reviews here so far.

But lately, I feel like I have been missing doing tags, posting reviews, and just writing in general. So here I am! I hope you would welcome me back just like nothing happened.


Don’t be a stranger! Post in comment section below what your BEST READ for 2020 so far is! I would love to catch up with each one of you!


LIFE UPDATE: I am playing catch up and I am tired!

It’s been a while, friends, and oh how I missed blogging! This post is just a quick update for y’all (and probably a quick motivation for me to read as well) because this month was nothing short of crazy! To say that it’s been hectic and intense is just a big understatement.

Some life update:

So as you know (or not), I have been living away from home since I started college. At first I thought I was just gonna be away for four years but then I pursued law school so that’s another four years of being away. I go home weekly, though, so I won’t get overly dramatic about it. 🙂 After law school, I worked in the city *still* so that added another 3 years of being “independent”.


But fast forward to today, I have recently been appointed as court attorney in my home province so, YES, I am happy to update y’all that I just moved back home after almost 12 years of being away!!  12 years sounds so many haha but I’m not THAT old, I promise.


Hence ~considering all the chaos~ my lack of reading for this month.


At the beginning of October, I planned to join #romancetakeover at Instagram. But as per usual, I wasn’t able to finish the challenge, let alone one book. Gah. I don’t know the meaning of my life anymore?

Now that November is fast approaching, I can only hope I’d have a much more productive reading month.

I would love to hear from you guys! I missed talking to all of you and please please please, I am desperate for recommendations!







Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.30.49 PM.png

Sooo. The BIG DAY has come, and it looks like it has been three full years since I first hit that PUBLISH button! THREE YEARS. Wow. I sure was very clueless back then – with what to do, how to deliver my message across your monitors, and with what’s in store for me. I didn’t know anything about the book blogging world, and I was completely terrified with all the possible things that can happen with my little nook in the interweb.

The past three years didn’t go smoothly, though. You know I started this blog while I was in second year law proper, and back then I was very positive that I would be able to completely devote time to blogging and reading. Balance. But nah. Never happened, though. Law school took over my life, and one of my greatest fears happened – I lost time to read fiction, I lost time to blog, and I pretty much lost all my connections with my reader friends. For at least a year, I stopped. I was in a huge hibernation stage and I was so consumed by school. 🙂 I was happy though, like really really happy, with what I was doing and in pursuing my passion. But there will always be this tugging feeling in my heart that pulls me back to reading and blogging. And so I came back, re-established what I had lost and taken for granted, and here we are today. 🙂 Still a little rough on the edges, but definitely back. 🙂

Anyway, enough of the drama! I think all I wanna say right now is that I’m so glad I came back! 🙂 Through Kat Reads PH (previously The Booklander),  I get to talk to a lot of you guys about our similar passions; I get to attend events that I never thought I would be able to go to, with people who are now so dear to me; I’ve met friends who I know I will forever treasure because really, who else would understand a reader but another reader, eh? 🙂 Just some names I will throw out in here, but if I missed some, you know I love you as well!


My Rainbow Bookclub girls, I know I have been in and out, and pretty much a black sheep when it comes to reading, but know that I really really appreciate all of you! It’s been what, 3 years for us? Wow. Camillia, Melissa, Tina, Sandee! ❤

My lovely friends from Twitter to real life!!! I’m so so glad to have met you JM, Allie, Jam, Hazel, Kate and my BFF Eunice! I can’t wait to see you guys again soon! ❤

The beautiful ladies of our #NALitLoversPH book club, Pearl, Bea, Claire, Rechellyn, Nicay, Blessie! I miss you girls! Let’s read a good NA title again soon! You don’t know how happy I am being in this little group talking just about NA! I miss swooning with you all! ❤

Again, there are so many may more I wish to thank for helping make it to three years! 🙂 If you are reading this, you are one of those people, and know that I am hugging you so hard right now 🙂

As my way of saying thank you, I am putting together a little giveaway here (but for PH residents only! I’m sorry!!!). It’s really a very sudden idea, hence the lack of prep time for this, but I’m still excited because I will be giving away three #romanceclass books! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.49.09 PM.png


So that’s it! I hope to see around here guys! And know that I love each one of you!




Hi all! First of all, I just wanna scream to the world how much I’ve missed blogging and reviewing books and talking to each one of you! I’m back, guys, and I can’t wait to do a lot of new things in this blog!

Just a little life update: If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’d know that I’ve been in and out of the blogging world because of law school. It has been a long journey, which ended with me taking the Bar Examinations through out the whole month of November. What, the whole month?! Yes! The exams were given on all four Sundays of the month. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. On to the more exciting ones!


To mark a new start, I decided to re-publish this blog from The Booklander to Kat Reads PH 🙂 I wanted a new blog name that has a more personal touch to it, but at the same time one that would capture what I love doing. I honestly tried a lot more complex word combinations (Ha!) but none just felt right. Anyway, I guess the simpler the better, right? If you’re an international reader, PH stands for the Philippines – the country where I’m from! 


After I decided to change the blog name, I also thought it would be more proper to separate my personal Twitter account from my bookish account. So I made a new one, @katreadsPH, where I can just ramble about anything and everything book related without bugging my non-reader Twitter followers (I mean, it’s probably their loss not wanting to hear bookish stuff, right? Heh.) Follow me there so we can chat! 🙂

Lastly, I can’t to wait to share with you guys the fact that I’m starting with Maggie Stifvater’s The Raven Cycle series! I’m currently reading The Raven Boys, as recommended by my good friends over at the Rainbow Bookclub and I’m just so excited to go back to the world of YA! It’s been 6 long months since I last read a fantasy and a YA novel! Now I wanna catch on life because gaaah, I missed this genre a lot!


Anyway, that’s my little update, guys! I just wanna tell you that I’M BACK!!!  and I can’t wait to be back to regular blogging again! See you around!