Book Talk: That Second Chance by Meghan Quinn

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I forgot how good and satisfying small town romances are and this book definitely reminded me of everything that I love about reading them!

The shortest review I can give? I FELL IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS BOOK!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you definitely should read it:

1. GRIFFIN fucking KNIGHTLY is the epitome of perfection! God. I love him so much and it’s not a surprise that he soared right up to the top in my list of book boyfriends. (And believe me, it takes so so much to be included there! 😉 Griffin is everything anyone could wish for a man. And his issues and inner conflict? Gah, they were just so crafted very well and added so much substance to the story! Yeah, he’s cursed alright, but he’s the kind of man I would risk it all for. 😉

2 REN WINTERS and her personality just makes me want to be her best friend! Ren is such a likable (and lovable!) heroine. She’s so prone to accidents, which for some could be annoying but nah, I am willing to overlook that because she’s just have such a pure soul. Love her!

3. THE KNIGHTLY BROTHERS!!! Oh my, lord, these men! I freaking loved each one of them! If you’re into historical romances, it was like reading about the Bridgertons the whole time. So was it good? It was the best experience ever! And the good thing is they are each getting a book! God. I can’t wait to read about each of their stories!!

4. ROGAN KNIGHTLY Okay. So much for favoritism, but Rogan Knightly is my absolute bae. Sorry, Griffin. Sorry, Reid. Sorry, Brig. But this man just really instrigued me to death I can’t wait to get into the second book of this series.

5. PORT SNOW, MAINE!! One of the things I love about reading small town romances is the way the communities are crafted, the way people know everything about each other even to the point of being annoying and exasperating, the way every one knows each other and each other’s businesses and routines. The sense of home. Needless to say, Port Snow is one of the best small towns I’ve read about and it’s definitely one that I will not forget anytime soon. God. I want to live in Port Snow!

Overall, I just loved this book to pieces. I felt like I wasn’t just reading about Griffin and Ren’s story, but the whole of Port Snow’s as well. I loved it so much and I hope you guys would give this a try because it’s just so beautiful!

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