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WOW! I did not expect this book to be so good! Love, Sincerely Yours by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn was a very pleasant surprise and I LOVED every bit of it!


Okay so, where do I start with this review? This is an office romance (which I apparently like, I’m just realizing it now!) starring ROME – the super hot but all-work-and-no-play boss, and PEYTON – the social media manager aka the NOBODY!

Rome is a very workaholic, very focused, no-nonsense business owner who runs Roam, Inc. where Peyton works. For years, Peyton had been crushing -okay, lusting is the more appropriate term here haha – over her boss and this might be a turn off for some, but her this was painted and developed really well in this book. Rome, however, doesn’t even know of her existence until Peyton makes the boldest move! She gets drunk on her 30th birthday, sends an anonymous e-mail to the boss, and then bam… all the hotness begin from there. 


I never really planned on reading a Sara Ney/Meghan Quinn book this month, but I randomly found it in Scribd so I gave it a go. And god, I couldn’t be any more thankful for this random find! 😍 Totally recommend! 

Have you guys read this book? How did you like it?

Also, this is my first Meghan Quinn/Sara Ney book and I would love to hear some recommendations from you guys on what book by them I should read next!


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