What is the “new normal”? Life after COVID-19?

As I was making my coffee this morning, a certain phrase that I keep on hearing during  the past days kept on reverberating in my head — “the new normal”. I have heard heads of states, heads of agencies, leaders of the world, even inspirational speakers, talk about us going back to our new normal once all these – the corona virus, the quarantines and the lockdowns – are over.

But what does it really mean, though?  Yeah, I get that the new normal is our *changed ways*, our more simplistic lifestyle, people being more aware, living more purposefully. I get those, believe me. But are we really ready for it? Or will we just go back to the comforts of our old lives having been deprived of them during the whole quarantine period? 

At this point my brain is just really curious, if you could call it that, about how our lives are gonna be once this pandemic is over. Am I going to have a new normal? Or will I just revert back to my old cycle as if nothing had happened? I know I’ll still drive to work every morning, get coffee from my favorite cafe if I fail to brew my own at home, spend the next 8 hours in the office, go home afterwards, play with my baby sister a little, and then go to sleep. The cycle is going to repeat itself until I don’t know when. So will it be my new normal if it is my old normal? 

I need to know how to handle this, really. Your thoughts?



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