REVIEW: My Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

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My first Liane Moriarty book definitely didn’t let me down! 

Jumping off my historical romance  train which I have been riding since December last year, I dove into my first contemporary fiction of 2020 and what a grand time I had! 



I can’t really say a lot here because then I would be spoiling you. But just know that this book is so well-written, and the characters so well-developed. Plot-wise, I would say I got quite disappointed because I was expecting more “blood” so to speak, but there isn’t really much. The redeeming factor, though, is that the author has already made me feel invested in each and every character’s story from the very beginning that I needed to know how their individual lives turn out in the end. Moriarty has this way of making you feel like you’re reading about someone you’ve known for so long. She’s really good and I tell you, her writing is one of a kind. 


In gist, The Husband’s Secret revolves around the perfect wife and mom, Cecilia Fitzpatrick. She’s living the perfect life, with her three perfect daughters and her perfect husband – John Paul. OR SO SHE THOUGHT. While John Paul was away for work, Cecilia finds a letter addressed to her but with a note that it could only be opened in the event of John Paul’s death. Since then, John Paul suddenly started to act so weird and so… suspicious. 

It also revolves around the story of two other characters – Tess and Rachel – who I won’t really consider as minor characters because their stories are majorly intertwined with that of Cecilia’s and with the eventual resolution of the plot. 


I love it! I love that it is so character-driven. I’m giving it 4.5 stars and would highly recommend to all of you out there! 


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