Mini Book Talk: The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

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It’s been a long while since I last read a mystery thriller. I am definitely not new to the genre for having read a lot of Sandra Brown’s and James Patterson’s works while growing up. I have stopped for quite a while, though, and focused on both YA and NA genres, but The Girl on the Train just made me wanna go back to reading my first love.

The main character, Rachel, is one of the most unreliable one I have encountered yet. While reading her parts, I felt for her but at the same time HATED the living hell out of her. She’s a drunk, she has a lot of self-loath, and she has super low confidence. On the other hand, though, I totally get why she’s all that, what with her cheating ex-husband and an unstable family background. All through out the book, I wanted to believe everything that she’s saying but I was still wary about her. Paula Hawkins, I think, has done well in crafting her character.

The other two voices in the book, Anna and Megan, were also very crafted and very well developed. I liked and hated them; I felt for them but at some points I also wished they were dead. Haha. I mean, that probably just goes to show how you can’t really trust anyone in this story until you’ve read til the end part.

Overall, The Girl on the Train was a good read. It kept me guessing til the end; but of course it could’ve been a 5-star read had the chill factor been a little more developed.

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Have you guys read The Girl on the Train? How did you like it? Mystery/Thriller recommendations are most welcome!


One thought on “Mini Book Talk: The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

  1. I thought it was well-written, but lacked in the thriller aspect as well. I thought it was pretty anticlimactic, but overall I thought it was a compelling story. I so wanted TGoTT to be a favorite. However, it still stood out to me.


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