Book Talk: The Chase by Elle Kennedy

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Oh how I missed Briar University and its hockey team! Needless to say, I had a good time reading The Chase what with all the new characters and the re-appearance of the old ones! 😊

When I learned that the Off-Campus series is going to have a spin-off, I was ecstatic. The Off-Campus is one of my favorite NA series and so I expected nothing less from Elle Kennedy with the first installment of the Briar U series. Honestly, however, I probably set the bar too high. 😌

The Chase revolves around the romance between Summer Heyward-di Laurentis and Colin Fitzgerald. Of course, the Heyward-di Laurentis surname would ring a bell because she is the sister of Dean Heyward-di Laurentis – the god of sex *ooops* ; the ultimate man candy; and God’s greatest gift to mankind. But I digress. (If you wanna know more about what I’m talking about, you can read my series review of The Off-Campus series here.)

Summer and Fitz are two of the most opposite ends of a pole – Summer is your typical sorority girl who’s super into fashion, designer stuff, endless drinking and partying – you get the point. On the other hand, Fitz is quiet, a little bit nerdy you could say, and just your typical introvert. But sparks happened and what a slooooooow slow burn romance this novel could offer you!

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The slow burn trope is actually one of my favorites and so I enjoyed the whole build up thing that’s been going on until around 65-70% of this book. Oh and that first kiss?! I DIED OHMYGODOFOFIRSTKISSES. It’s like you’ve been building and building and building the tension non-stop and when they finally drop everything and give in? PRICELESS. Elle Kennedy just always hits the right spot at the right time.

The only thing I didn’t like about The Chase is the resolution after all the build up that was happening. I kinda wanted all the issues fleshed out but it looked like we were just offered with a quick resolution. Like, alright they like each other now – let’s just end it on a happy note – and that’s it. I mean, man, I need my closure.😌

Also, I can’t help but feel like Elle Kennedy kinda patterned the almost love-triangle between Fitz, Summer and Hunter to the first book of her very own Off-Campus series.(Remember the Garett-Hannah-Logan almost love triangle too?).

I can’t wait to read the next!


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