October TBR: Where I binge read thrillers!

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My reading list for the month of October is majorly going to be coming from the MYSTERY/PSYCHOLOGICAL-THRILLER genre and I am just so so excited about it! Since I don’t read from the horror genre AT ALL, I went on and decided to make a list of some will-get-ya-at-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery thrillers recommended by some of my favourite bloggers and reviewers, that I can hopefully binge read this month!

The first two that are up in my list are  Gone Girl and Sharp Objects both by Gillian Flynn. I haven’t seen the movie adaptation of Gone Girl but I heard it was good and really mind-twisting. I think Sharp Objects has a Netflix adaptation too? Or was it the other novel by Flynn? Idk really, I’m too lazy to Google! Haha. 



 The next three in the list are The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins, which I’ve head a lot of good things about; You by Caroline Kepnes – which I’m really curious about because of the second person point of view way that it was written; and Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris which was recently highly recommended by Eunice from Nerdy Talks Book Blog and my good friend Therese from The Lost Soul.


I’ve long been a fan of mystery/psychological thrillers. I was in high school when I started reading Sandra Brown’s books, but I kinda grew out of it for a time. Now I’m getting back to my “home” genre, and I am nothing but excited! 🙂

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What are some mystery/psychological thrillers you recommend? I know I’ve been out of the genre for so long and I would LOVE to hear from you guys about the best ones in your list! 🙂



10 thoughts on “October TBR: Where I binge read thrillers!

    1. Phew! I’m honestly quite intimidated by Gone Girl but I’m excited at the same time!! And OMG Zee, can I just say that I loooove browsing your blog! ❤


  1. Happy reading, Atty! I personally enjoyed The Girl on the Train than Gone Girl (when it comes to the premise but GG is more unpredictable). You should try You by Caroline Kepnes in audiobook. The narration is fantastic and it makes my reading experience creepier. I’m excited to know whether you’ll love or hate Joe Goldberg. 😉

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    1. OMG, my top two are actually The Girl on the Train and You! 💚 I’m intimidated by Gone Girl, idk why! Haha! Thanks for the recos, Bea, as always! 😉

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