Let’s talk About: My Summer TBR

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 4.52.29 PM.png

Given my uber chaotic reading habit during the past two months (read: 0 books read in the months of February and March! What. Is. Wrong. With. Me.?!), I am imposing upon myself a reading list for the next two months that I HAVE TO – nope, NEED TO – nope, AM REQUIRED TO – finish by the end of May.  With this kind of work schedule, I’d consider one book a month a miracle. 

But I don’t wanna be in this reading-slump-no-time-to-read situation forever! I need to do something about it (ugh!) and what better way to address this  but to impose upon myself a summer TBR! Well. Just to at least  give myself some semblance of control over my reading.

Summer List 2018

Anyway, for the months of April and May (and the remaining 3 days of March, I guess?), I intend to read stand-alones and/or continuation of some series I have started. I decided not to start any series (I’m sorry, ACOTAR! I’m sorry, Cinder! I’m sorry, Red Rising!), just to give way to those that I’ve started already.

Really hoping I’m gonna do better this time. Sigh.

I wanna talk to you guys about your summer reading lists! I’ll await your comments below! 🙂




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