Let’s Talk About: My Reading Game Plan!

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It’s almost mid-October, and oh my god, can somebody please tell me how this happened so fast?! I feel like I was just starting the year and now it’s almost Christmas time again! However, as much as I would like to celebrate the upcoming holiday season, my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year is begging for a time-stopper because, good lord, I am way behind my reading goal!  

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As you can see, I have only read 36 out of my 75-books goal. And at this rate I’m going (and the workload I’m having!), I highly doubt reaching 75 in just a matter of roughly 75 days. 😦 My heart is sinking just thinking about this.

Hence, I come up with the following GAME PLAN! 😉

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that New Adult novels are such breeze reads. I don’t about you, but whenever I read NA novels, I feel like the superwoman of fast reading. There is just something about the pacing and the excitement in NAs that will make you flip through the pages non-stop, and before you know it, you’re finished reading it! Hence, the best strategy to hit that big 75 I can think of is swamping myself with NAs.

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I don’t know if my theory actually makes sense, but every time I start a new series, I feel like I am much slower than say, reading the second or the third book. I think it’s because of the world building and the new-ness not only of the characters, but also of the writing. Therefore, I am intending to read all the BOOK TWOs that have been neglected in my shelf (cough, Crown of Midnight; cough The Dream Thieves).

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Stand-alones do not necessarily mean fast reading for me. But considering my point in the previous item, I intend to read faster when I know the story’s going to be over once I get to the last page. There’s something in stand-alones that makes me wanna finish them right away and know how it all ends.

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I know, I know, Colleen Hoover is a New Adult author, hence this should be included in the first item already. But Colleen Hoover is a category by herself! Her books are always a breeze-through read for me not because they are easy to read, but they always have this element that will make you wanna finish them in one sitting because you’ll just want to keep in flipping and flipping and flipping those pages away!

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I am not a big fan of graphic novels, really, but the need to get to them arises! 🙂 I will probably continue reading the Saga series because it’s the most interesting one I have encountered so far. Any suggestions for short novels? I’m really not into those but heck I should find some to finish this reading goal! Who knows, this might be the genre I would come to love next!

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And finally, I definitely should schedule my reading time. With 39 more books to go in less than 75 days, I am so doomed. Haha. That’s about 13 books a month! Good heavens! I only average 5 books a month and now I have to do more than its double! In any case, I intend to finish my 75 for this year so I will power though all these reads no matter what happens! I’m thinking of reading every night before going to bed, and rising a little extra early in the morning so I can read as well.

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Do you have any suggestions on how I can UP my  reading game for the last 3 months of 2017?! I definitely would love to hear tips and tricks, suggestions and recommendations on how to read more! 🙂 See you guys in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: My Reading Game Plan!

  1. i was laughing while reading this post kat. me too, NA’s are fast reads for me. you nailed everything, from coho (rereads!!), ya standalones and sometimes my contempo kasie west.


    1. I am looking for some quick reads now, Tasya, and novellas are part of ’em! Thanks for droppin’ by my site and have a happy holidays!


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