Most Anticipated NA Reads | September 2017

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So, in the month of August, I’ve read one book and three individual issues of Saga. If it’s not too obvious yet – my friend, indeed I am in a slump. But what do you do when you’re afflicted with this slump flu like mine? You don’t just sit around and wait for it to go away. You drag your ass off and make a list of the books you’re going to conquer because your slump ain’t gonna cure itself.

Anyway, enough of the dramatic intro. I actually just wanna make a list of the New Adult titles I wanna read in the month of September because 1.) I’m a self-confessed new adult/romance lover; 2.) reading new adult is such a breeze for me, so if I wanna catch up with my reading goal this year, I need me  lots of NAs!; and 3.) I’ve been missing a lot of old and new releases in this genre and I need to be updated stat!

My original plan was to actually make a recommendations post, but I feel like even if I’m actively reading and endorsing a lot of new adult titles, I still have to read so much more from this genre to be able to have a good pool of titles to recommend. So, I guess this should do for now! 😃

 Note: This post is NOT about NA titles that are going to be released in September 2017. The list contains the titles I wanna READ in September 2017. Just getting that clear. 😉 

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Royally Endowed is the third book in the Royally series, and is probably one of my most anticipated NA releases for the second half of 2017. Emma Chase’s has always been my go-to NA author ever since she published her Tangled series. Her contemporaries are always so funny and hilariously authentic! If you wanna get engrossed in the world of royalties but which are definitely smutty and sexy, I would recommend you reading the Royally series. 🙂

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Katy Evans has always been in my radar but for one reason or another, I have not read any of her works. Last month I downloaded in my Kindle Mr. President because the premise sounded so interesting! I’ve always loved contemporaries with a political setting or ones with the main characters holding political positions. With all the good reviews Mr. President is getting, I’m nearly a hundred percent sure that both of these books won’t disappoint.

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When I first read the synopsis of this book, it easily reminded me of The Hating Game by Sally Thorne which I loved to bits! You know how I’m a huge fan of slow burn, hate to love tropes! It will forever make my stomach knot and my heart beat fast. I’m looking forward to really liking this one as much as I loved The Hating Game.

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Erin Watt’s The Royals series is probably one of the most memorable new adult series for me. Everything in this series is just twisted and crazy! One second you’re complacent that there’s going to be a good, happy ending, but then you’re all cray and twisted the next. After reading the first two books, I kinda needed a break from all the craziness, haha, but now I’m so ready to give this ride a go!

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Again, another author that has long been in my list is Vi Keeland. I know a lot of my blogger friends are loving Vi and in fact, I’ve been seeing a lot of her books lately that are  averaging 4 stars and up. Guess it’s time for me to see what all the fuss is about, and hopefully she becomes one of my faves too! 🙂
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So that’s my list for this month! Those are some of the NA titles I will be reading (again, not necessarily published in September), and I sure hope to get back in the groove of reading this month! 🙂

Are any of you guys fan of the NA genre? What are your favorite titles so far? And your go -to authors?

Let’s chat in the comments below! I would love love a recommendation or two!


5 thoughts on “Most Anticipated NA Reads | September 2017

  1. Wonderful list of NA titles, Kat! Twisted Palace is a great conclusion for Reed and Ella’s story. Not as crazy as the first two books. As for Fallen Heir = SHOOK 😲. I recommend Katy Evans’s books and definitely give Mr. President and Commander in Chief a go! It’s really swoon worthy. Also her Real series and Manwhore series. 😊🙌🏼

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    1. OMG, I’m currently reader Twisted Palace, and will get to Fallen Heir next! So excited!! And yay for Katy Evans’ books! I really need to catch up on my NAs! 🙂

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