The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

I have been seeing Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag in the BookTube for quite sometime now, and recently from Anna-Reader and Proud, and so I decided to do it myself because it looks so fun and interesting. Although, to be quite honest, I have not been reading so much during the first half of 2017 hence I already apologize in advance for the limited pool of choices!

Off we go! 

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Where do I even begin with One True Loves? My god. This book is just so close to my heart that I would read it over and over again until I no longer have the energy to do so. This is an adult novel, basically because of the age of the characters. The content, however, I would recommend to any age group. Briefly, this book tackles two great loves in the life of the main character and how she has to choose between the two. It’s not a simple romantic story, believe me it’s NOT AT ALL JUST A ROMANTIC STORY. I had so many feels reading it and I just can’t recommend it enough!



I’m a bad series reader. In fact, I can’t think of a series I have finished recently because, yup – bad series reader. When it comes to Emma Chase’s New Adult novels, though, you can count on it that I am always updated. Her Royally series is just so cute and funny and oh so totally sexy, and it’s second book Royally Matched is just something you have to pick up if you’re an NA fan!



Everybody’s raving about these two: THUG and When Dimple Met Rishi, but because my life has been a hundred shades of hectic recently, I haven’t picked these up yet. I can’t wait, though!



Ahh, A Thousand Pieces of You. 😦 I have long been wanting to read this series. In fact I bought the first book last year intending to get into it right away. But when I started it a couple of months back, I can’t seem to get into the world and the characters I have a difficult time relating to. I know a lot of you guys loved this, though, and so I’m not closing my doors just yet. I’m hoping to re-read it and hopefully see it in a different light.



Oh man, Mindy McGinnis! To say that this is my biggest surprise for this year is definitely an understatement. I was BLOWN AWAY by this book! The Female of the Species is a very underrated book and it’s a shame that not a lot of people are talking about it! I MEAN, COME ON. THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!!



YES! Stephanie Garber is now a must-buy author for me after reading her first published work! I loved Caraval so much – the world building, the character development, the connection I had with the characters although they are in a totally different world. Everything! Stephanie has her way of writing that totally touches the reader and I love it!



Molly Peskin-Suso. PERIOD. No other words! 😉 She’s perfect, she’s me, and she’s every fat girl that ever existed! I just want to hug Molly in every page of this book! ❤ So much love for her!



I guess it only makes sense that my best book of the year so far is the same book that has made me cry. This is not at all a sad book, but the writing was poignant and ever emotional. ❤ Needless to say, I did not only shed a tear or two, as I was bawling my poor eyes out even before the ending, but especially at THAT ending! ❤

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I would love to hear about your faves so far! Tagging everyone who wants to do this fun tag!!! ❤



8 thoughts on “The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!

    1. Hi Holly! I haven’t, but if it is written by Taylor Jenkins Reid I’d say go get and read it! 🙂 I loved her writing so much in One True Loves! 🙂

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    1. Sandee! YES YES!!! Please do! It’s so beautiful!!! ❤ And Emma Chase's books are all so steamy and funny and never boring! 🙂


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