Let’s Talk About: BOOK FUND JARS!

Book Fund

So you like reading? GREAT.

So you like reading AND collecting books? Fine. Alright.

So you like reading and collecting books but EVERYTHING HAS JUST COME OFF-HAND AND NOW YOU CAN’T STOP BUYING THEM ALL?!? Alright, wait a minute, stop right there. 

It is an undeniable fact for all of us readers of the world that our hobby, passion, calling, whatever you may call it, can be quite expensive and dent-y on our wallets. Books can be freakin’ pricey, riiight?! I admit a good part of the school allowance my parents were giving when I was still studying only go to books. I’d always make sure that at least 30-40% of it is saved so I don’t get lonely whenever I visit my favorite bookstores!

Now that I’m working already, the same thing still happens. Quite a bulk of my salary goes to books, and sometimes ( a lot of times, really) my credit card suffers too! And it’s tiring you know! Tiring to always buy expensive stuff! But what can I do, this bookish life chose me and so we make ways! 😉

This idea actually came from my good friend Jovel from Travel Thru Books and I think it’s really really brilliant!

You know how Travel Jars and Savings Jars are so in right now? Yeah, Pinterest is full of them, and not only do you get to keep your money in them but they will inspire you to save more because of how cute they are!

Good news is, you can do this with books too! But here’s the twist Jovel told me about so you’ll be a little bit more compelled to save up and read at the same time:

For every one book you read, place 100 Pesos (roughly around US $2) in the jar; and for every e-book you finish, place 50 Pesos (US $1) in the jar! 🙂 

I really really think it’s brilliant, especially for someone like me who needs a lot of push before I can save up money! By doing this, you don’t only get inspiration to save up, but you have more motivation to read and read non-stop – because every book you’ve read will LITERALLY make you RICHER!!! 🙂

I am going to start with this Book Fund thing this month and I hope I could give you a good update sometime sooner. Honestly, I am so motivated to read right now because of the extra money I’d be able to save up for my future purchases! 🙂

Let’s talk in the comments below!  

Do you have a strategy to save up for books you wanna buy? 

What do you think of this Book Fund Jar? Will you ever try it? 


14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: BOOK FUND JARS!

  1. I love this idea so much and I am definitely going to try it! I have one of those can money jars that once you put money in, you can’t open it until it’s full and you have to use a can opener. The money in that was probably going to go to books anyway, but I love the idea of this jar as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. Great to hear you’re tryin’ this out as well! 🙂 And oh, that jar you can only open with a can opener is a great idea too! At least you won’t get tempted to peek (better yet get!) once in a while 😉


  2. This is an amazing idea! I’m not too bad with saving, I put at least half my wages into another back account which I refuse to touch so I can save up for driving lessons and a car when I finish. Then the left over money I split between my phone bill, my board (rent to my parents) and then left over I usually spend on books. But I would definitely consider doing something like this too because then it would make me read all the books I have that I haven’t read yet before I go out and buy more!

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    1. I recently made a budget list of the the staple payments i need to pay every month, and ugh, so much adulting happening right there! Of course books are always included in the MUST BUYS! 🙂 Haha. Glad to hear you liked this idea! It’s fun and challenging too! ❤

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