In the Basket: Random Landmark Haul

So last Sunday I had the chance to go around Landmark Makati while I kill some hours waiting for Ed. I was trying so hard not to get so much but I still ended up around 3k poorer. Sigh. But my heart was happy, and I was happy, and everything is right in the world. Well, except for my wallet. 

This is a super random weekend haul, really – from bath stuff to make up to stuff I bought for my baby sister.

Now here are they are:


1. Cream Silk Standout Straight in Pinkphoto_2017-05-26_19-49-56

A staple in every Filipina’s grocery/shopping basket, Cream Silk has ever since my go-to conditioner. I’ve tried lots of other brands, especially when I get bored already by my usual hair care stuff, but I always tend to go back to this one.

2. Pond’s for Men Energy Chargephoto_2017-05-26_19-50-03

I didn’t buy these!  Heard one of the sales ladies talk about giving away free samples of Pond’s for Men so I butted in and asked! Ha ha. Gave these to Ed but he apparently uses Cetaphil for his face (spell BURGIS = E-D-W-A-R-D), but promised to try ’em anyway.

3. Purity Cotton Padsphoto_2017-05-26_19-50-05

Another staple in my basket. Cotton pads for my miscellar water and oil based removers.

4. Suave Kids Shampoo and Conditioner; Nivea Baby Milk Lotion; & Oilatum Soap Barphoto_2017-05-26_19-50-04

These are all for my baby sister,Celine! I kinda enjoyed the aisle with the baby stuff so I kinda splurged for her too! 🙂 P.S. Baby soaps are apparently super super super expensive!

5. iWhite Facial Wash Whitening Vita photo_2017-05-26_19-50-07

Again, another staple. I have been using the iWhite Facial Wash for a couple of years now, albeit on and off. I’ve always loved how clean it always makes me feel after washing my face, and how gentle it is in my skin. Never broke out with this one! And very affordable too!

6. Nature Republic Cucumber Masks photo_2017-05-26_19-49-52

With a dry skin type, I always make it a point to use facial masks at least thrice a week just to rehydrate and rejuvinate my skin from everyday make up use. Ever since I discovered Nature Republic’s cucumber masks, I’ve always found myself reaching for this particular “flavour.” They had lots of other variant, though, but this one does the job best for me 🙂

7. Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon Bronzerphoto_2017-05-26_19-49-54

This bronzer was an impulse buy. AND OH GOD I’M SO GLAD I GAVE IN TO IMPULSE THAT DAY! I love this bronzer! I love how it gives back color to my face, and how low key it makes my look a little more made up and a little more put together.

8. Pink Sugar Sugar Tint in Pillowtalk photo_2017-05-26_19-49-55

This was the first time I bought something from Pink Sugar. I’ve been watching a lot of make up videos in YouTube lately and I’ve seen how so many Filipina booktubers are raving about these Sugar Tints. And let me tell you, the rave is REAL! I got one of the most after shades, Pillowtalk, and it’s just a perfect shade of nude brown! Instant fave!

9. Pink Sugar Creamy Matte in Breakfast in Bedphoto_2017-05-26_19-49-53

Lastly, I got one of Pink Sugar’s newest shades of Creamy Matte, Breakfast in Bed! 🙂 I also love how I can use this as my everyday shade. It has got a perfect brown nudish color which does not wash me out. 🙂 Will definitely get other shades in the future, ‘coz not only they are affordable, they definitely deliver!

I wanna know which of these stuff you’ve already tried already, or are interested in trying! Let’s talk in the comments below! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.48.32 AM

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