Laneige BB Cushion: Not a Review!

I have always been your liquid foundation girl and I honestly have not tried any other kind of make up base. Lately, however, I have been so much into skin care that I thought of looking for a good BB Cream. To no avail, I have not found a good match. And here is where Laneige BB Cushion comes in.

At first I was hesitant trying this one out because, #1, it is frakking expensive! and #2, since it is from Korea, it might not suit my undertone. Cutting the long story short, I gave in. 


It came in a box as shown above, which is all white and simple but shouts EXPENSIVEHaha. Aside from the main product, though, the box also came with a “refill”, which I didn’t really expect! So far, YAY, Sulit! 


The packaging is what I love most. It’s in a pearly, shiny white container (whatever you call it). I love that it’s not so bulky and just perfectly fits my mini make up bag.


When you open it, it has a clear mirror, which is dope. I also super like the puff it comes with because it doesn’t get much product when you press it on the cushion. You can definitely control how much product you get.


The inside is pretty much standard too, like your typical cushions.

I have not been using the Laneige BB Cushion for long, so I’m really not in the position to properly review it yet. Just a couple of things from my experience maybe: First, it has a really good smell! I immensely enjoy each application because I always feel like I’m really putting something good in my skin. Second, it lasts long. The first time I tried it, I applied it at 9 in the morning and I did not re-touch the whole day – lasted until 7 in the evening!

So that’s it for the latest make up product in my bag! Let’s talk in the comments below if you’ve tried the Laniege BB Cushion or if you’re thinking of trying it out! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.48.32 AM


16 thoughts on “Laneige BB Cushion: Not a Review!

    1. It surprisingly did! That was my main concern too at the beginning. Thought it would be too white for me, but luckily I got the true beige shade and it matched my skin well! 🙂 They have several shades of beige you can check out! 🙂

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  1. This is the old packaging! I love this bb Cushion! I’ve been using it for years! It’s the best cushion imo! Haha I’ve try L’Oréal TRUE MATCH cushion and it’s great too! Maybe you might like!


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