I got an Instax Share SP2!

Oh, what joy!

See I have long been wanting to own an Instax but I honestly don’t find it practical to bring it everywhere because of its size, which I think defeats its purpose of capturing random bits of life as they go popping up. So no matter how badly I wanted to get an Instax camera, I never did.

So imagine what joy I felt when I learned in 2015 that Fujifilm released Instax Share – a smart phone Instax printer! Never got to buy that year though as I was so much pre-occupied with law school.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I am so thrilled to finally have the latest Instax Share SP-2 model in my hands! The bonus? I got the gold one. My heart is dancing. 


I was binge printing for days and I know I won’t ever stop because I have so many photos in my phone that are worth printing. The only thing that keeps me from going all crazy is probably this: The films are freaking expensive! I know, money-talks are always a no-no, but srsly, these films are making my wallet cry.


I initially got a 10×2 box of plain films, giving me 20pcs to print my “samples.” But boy, this box alone has cost me Php680.00 already, which is around $15. It definitely won’t be a cheap hobby to maintain! 😉


Above is the box it came with. The packaging was so sleek and nice and everything is in it already. It came with the device itself, a USB charger, and a manual. I believe that’s everything inside the box because you have to buy the films separately.


Did I say I was binge printing? This pile here is the product of my 10-minute break from cleaning my flat. Teehee. 

But really, the best thing about it for me is that I’m now more excited to create new memories with my family and friends; I’m now more excited to travel and explore things; and I’m now more interested about the little stuff I see during normal days at work. Might sound shallow for some, but I know you get what I mean.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.48.32 AM

5 thoughts on “I got an Instax Share SP2!

    1. Doc! Hehe. I got mine for 10k. 🙂 Yung Instax Mini ranges from 4k to 7k, so I thought mas sulit na bilihin yung Instax Share since I can print direct from my phone and I can choose pa which ones to print. Definitely this one’s more practical! 🙂 Go get yourself one na, it’s fun to have! Haha

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