First Quarter of 2017 Beauty Favorites!

I can’t believe April is ending in 5 days time which means that the first quarter of 2017 is about to end soon too! What even. Time is getting by so fast, it’s almost scary!

Anyway, I thought of making a list of the things I loved most during the first quarter of this year because I am planning to replenish/replace/ditch stuff in may “collection” (nah, there really isn’t a collection, just a handful of stuff) since it’s summer already. I felt like I’d be needing to replace a lot of the things I use in my face and in my body because of THIS. SCORCHING. HEAT. Ahhh, Manila.

I’m not much of a skin care person before but this year I am slowly turning into one. Slowly adulting, you see. 😉

IMG_2017-04-25 21:25:39.jpg

1. Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula

IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:29

I’m a lotion person. I never leave the house without putting on lotion because I feel, er, incomplete. But this one changed the game. This body oil is is THE body oil. I put it all over my body after bath and it moisturizes my skin the whole day. No need for reapplication. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling to my skin as it is easily absorbed upon application. Definitely worth the bucks!

2. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:20

This is my holy grail foundation. Hands down. I don’t think I’ll be changing foundations any time soon. I’m of normal to dry skin type and its satin finish just makes my skin look move alive. It also stays on the whole day with very little need for retouch. Guess it will make lots of reappearance in the next few quarters of this year. 😉

3. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence & Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:10

IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:23

It was only last month that I realized the importance of sunscreen. (I know, I know, what was I even thinking for the past 25 years of my life not protecting my face!). I use the Watery Essence one in my face and in my neck, doubling up as a moisturizer and make up base. I love how it doesn’t feel sticky and is easily absorbed by my skin. I know a lot of people relate sunscreens to sticky and heavy feeling especially in the face, but Biore is definitely a game changer. It’s not a holy grail for a lot of people for nothing!

4. Ever Bilena Single Blush On in Brown 

IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:32

I remember buying this about 6 months ago thinking it would be a good blush for me. Sadly, though, it didn’t work out as it was too light for my skin tone. Last month, however, I did some experimenting and tried it on as a highlighter. Lo and behold, my friend, it worked and it worked great! The best thing I love most about it is that it’s not glittery, but shimmery. Perfect for highlighting!

5. Maybelline V Face Duo StickIMG_2017-04-25 21:12:14

It wasn’t a perfect product for me, but it still made my list of faves this quarter because the contour stick is just so blendable! It’s probably one of those products that Maybelline has perfected the formula of! I luckily got the perfect shade for my skin tone too. The highlighting stick also delivered as well. It’s not glittery, which is how highlighters should actually be.

6. Etude House Lip Liners in Shades Brown and NudeIMG_2017-04-25 21:12:17

These are my go-to liners lately. They’re super creamy and the colors match easily with my lipsticks. Sometimes I don’t even wear lipstick anymore because these liners can actually be used alone. 🙂 The best thing about this bunch? They’re only a hundred bucks each. You’re welcome. 

7. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in Medium MoyenIMG_2017-04-25 21:12:26

The hype is real, guys! Definitely one of the best drugstore concealers in town. Maybe still a far cry from Nars, but it totally totally delivers! I use this mostly for my undereyes and not for face blemishes and all, and I’m telling you it could last a whole day and still look good.

8. The Face Shop Jeju Aloe IMG_2017-04-25 21:12:04

I’m almost finished with this tub of aloe vera gel and I have nothing but praises for this product. I use it for everything! I use it as a face mask, for my hair, for my knees and elbows. You name it. Having a normal to dry skin type, this one’s definitely a must-keep moisturizer!

So there goes my list! What are your favorites so far?

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.48.32 AM

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