Book Talk: All That Glitters by Ines Bautista Yao


All That Glitters is probably one of fastest books I’ve read this year, not because it’s short, but because I just kept on flipping the pages non-stop!



When they have nothing better to do, college students Billie Santiago and Carlos Angeles enjoy imagining what their lives will be like five years into the future. It’s never serious—just a whole lot of teasing and poking fun at each other. Until blindingly handsome, PR professional Iñigo Antonio saunters into the university bookstore where Billie works. All of a sudden, she finds herself face to face with the physical manifestation of the very dream she tells Carlos about.

Captivated by Iñigo’s magnetic personality, Billie is lured into his dazzlingly glamorous world—much to Carlos’s frustration. But as Billie notices Iñigo might not be playing by the rules, Carlos begs her to stay away from him. When Billie doesn’t listen, she realizes too late that she is in over her head and it may take a miracle (or a boy who cares deeply about her) to help get her out of it.



Let’s start with the characters: Carlos was such a darling. He’s quiet and reserved but you know he runs deep. I liked him right away, although I honestly thought he’s not the main protag! (P.S. I don’t usually read Goodreads synopses!) Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when the story slowly unfolded, and surprise surprise, the best friend was apparently inlove with Billie-girl! ❤

Billie was a very likeable character as well. She had her faults, but I saw how real she is. I was able to totally relate to her, and at some point, I even saw myself in her when I was in college. Ahh, those happy crushes that turned to SERIOUS crushes! Ha!

Iñigo. Gah. How I hated this man! Like I said, I didn’t read the synopsis so I thought it would be Iñigo who would be the main protag! Like Billie, I was swooning over him too during the first part! I was kinda falling for him already – with that crisp shirt and always oh-so-made-up get up. ❤ But lo and behold, this guy is a stinking fish! Hated him to bits!

Little bits I loved?

The conservatory date!. Ahhh, need I say more?

Oh and the cafeteria scene. ❤

The only thing that made me subtract one star from my rating is probably the fact that Billie’s feelings for Carlos wasn’t very evident even when I’m already at the 75% point. It’s like even at the ending, I knew she liked him, but did she like him THAT much? Did she like him the way Carlos likes her? I mean, I wish it could have been developed much more deeply.

But aside from that one little downer, I really liked it over-all. I would totally recommend! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.36.49 PM

A copy of the book was generously provided by Ms. Ines Bautista-Yao and this does not, in any way, affect my review of the book.

Have you read any #romanceclass books as well? Let’s talk about them below! 



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