Let’s Talk About: Sooo I never finished the Harry Potter Series

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I have long been meaning to do discussion posts but whenever I start making one, I always feel like I don’t have so much to say about the topic, and that it might just turn out more rambly and ranty rather than a legitimate discussion of what I really wanna talk about. But we all gotta start somewhere right? Right. So let’s jump right ahead and begin!

This topic is both exciting and scary for me to discuss. Exciting, because I finally would be able to resolve, more like for myself,  why I didn’t get to the last four books of the series; and scary, definitely because – well, it’s out in the open now! – I am the girl who never finished the Harry Potter series! What a shame. And what a muggle. 


I know of people who have been doing annual reading of the Harry Potter series, and whenever I see them do this ANNUALLY, I just bow my head down and wish they’ll never ask me about what I think of the series.

It’s NOT that I am completely clueless about Harry Potter, you know. I’ve seen the movies, and I’ve read the first three books. Pottermore says I’m in Ravenclaw, and at some point I get to see what my Patronus is and the wand that’s meant for me. And I realize now that I’m not the complete muggle I would like to think myself as.


But still, a big chunk is missing you know? The reader in me craves for more. 

I remember reading the first 2 books when I was 14, both I borrowed from my school library. And I remember thoroughly enjoying them and promising myself that I would finish each and every book that J.K. Rowling publishes. But you know how libraries are, they distract you with some other books that are not in line with the series you’re reading – and here’s where the Chronicles of Narnia enters the scene. I was completely engrossed with the Narnia series, forgetting Harry Potter altogether. I read and re-read Narnia and moved on from middle grade to adult fiction without ever looking back. And then the movies came out, and I watched them, without really feeling the need to reach for the books.

But there came a point in my reader life, very recently actually, where I felt like I need to remedy the things that I have missed and reading the rest of the Harry Potter series feels like the number one of them.

The thing about putting the fact that I did not finish the series out in the open is that there are definitely people who’d raise their brows and say, “So you call yourself a book blogger when you’ve never actually finished Harry Potter?” or even worse, “So you call yourself a READER?…” Believe me, there are these kinds of people, and I couldn’t blame them. Harry Potter is probably the holy grail of reading, but at the same time, I just wanna remind people once and for all that this doesn’t measure one’s reading life. Having read Harry Potter is not the basis of a person’s becoming a reader. It’s just not! Because I could enumerate all the books I’ve read in my entire 25 years of existence, even without J.K Rowling’s works, and still call myself a reader. Again, just putting it out there.

Anyway, like I said in the earlier part of this post, I intend to finish (to finally finish!) Harry Potter this year! A re-read of the first 3 is in order, and then I’ll probably jump right into the fourth right away. 🙂 I’m excited. But in all honestly, I’m half scared as well, because what if I don’t get to like the book as much as I liked the movies? And what if it’s too late? What if it doesn’t work out for me anymore? Aaaaah. But that’s just me overthinking. I really should get going and start it soonest!


Sooo, I would like to hear your thoughts on this! Of readers who actually haven’t finished the Harry Potter series? I would love to talk to you in the comments below! 


18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Sooo I never finished the Harry Potter Series

  1. I’d say go back and read Harry Potter – its many book blogger’s favorite series for a reason! But if you don’t want to/don’t feel the need to, thats perfectly fine. My best friend has read everything but Harry Potter it seems – it doesn’t make you any less of a reader or book blogger. Don’t feel pressured.

    But I’m sure you’ll like the books! Don’t even worry about it!

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    1. Aww, thank you! I think that’s one of the things that I actually wanna point out – that a person isn’t less of a reader if they haven’t finished (or even read) Harry Potter. I know it’s not just me out there =) Anyway, yesss, I’m going to reda it soonest! I can’t wait! Thanks for the kind words, love! Happy reading!

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  2. Hi Kat! I don’t think anything is wrong for you for having not finished them! Personally, they are what got me big on reading. But everybody is different. There are so many books and too little time, right? Anyway, I’m excited that you’ll be finishing the series this year. I found the books to be way better than the movies, so perhaps you will feel that way as well. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the kind words, luv! I really appreciate it! And yes, I don’t think people should be judged by the books they’ve read or have not read wither. There are just people who are quick on judging others and labelling them right away! In other news, yesss, I’m excited too! Can’t wait! ❤ xo, Kat


  3. Not reading it doesn’t mean you’re not a reader but I definitely think it’s worth the read you know? I reread them last summer and it was so worth it. I also picked up on a few things that I didn’t when I was younger.
    I did not finish the Chronicles of Narnia though, I got bored :/


    1. Yes, Rae! Thank you for the affirmation! And yes, I think it’s going to be worth it too! 🙂 I cant’t wait! Thank for your comment, really appreciate it!


  4. I don’t think people can say you aren’t really a reader unless you read Harry Potter. I finally finished the series yesterday actually. I hadn’t read Half Blood Prince or Deathly Hallows and I finally picked them up at the start of the month, i’m so glad I did because it was a personal achievement for me but I also never picked up the books until last year. It’s taken me this long. And i’m harry potter mad.
    Its a big series and it’s quite daunting to consider picking up unless you know you have time to read all the books. It took me so long to get to these last two because I kept feeling like I had to read them all in one go, so I ended up reading the first 5 a bunch of times then by the time I was done with order of the phoenix ( we all know how hefty that one is) I would get busy again with work and uni so I never picked them up. Then when I became free again I thought best start again and the same thing would happen. The terrible vicious circle.
    Although I have to be honest its so good to see how much the books differ from the movies, I can’t wait for you to experience them finally too 🙂

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    1. Hi Hannah! Glad to know someone who also did not “grow up reading and finishing Harry Potter”! I mean, it could be intimidating at times when people say that they grew up reading and finishing the series! And wow, great job on finishing the last book, finally! I can totally relate with the terrible cycle of re-reading the first books in a series just to psych yourself up for the last books! 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes, I’m so excited to finally be able to get into it soonest! 🙂 Happy reading! xo,Kat

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  5. Aww, those are some terrible things people have said to non-HP readers! I personally have read all the books and watched all the movies, but I’ve never been super crazy about it the way some of my friends are. I’m a fan, but I’m not a HUGE fan – like I’m not salty that I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter and everything.

    But you’re so right! I think it’s mostly because to a lot of readers HP is what encouraged them to read because it was SO hyped… and otherwise they might not be reading at all, maybe? For me I’ve always been a reader so Enid Blyton was probably my ~entrance to reading~, more so than HP ever was. 😛

    Anyway, I hope you like the books if/when you get to them! ❤


    1. Great input, Reg! I loved reading your thoughts on this! And thank you for the affirmation that Harry Potter is not the basis of whether one is a legit reader or not! 🙂 I mean, it is definitely a pillar in the world of literature, but reading/not reading it cannot define a reader’s life! I’m excited to be jumping into it too! 🙂 I can’t wait! Thanks for dropping by! xo, Kat


  6. I was 16 when I saw Harry Potter in the Philippines cinema at the time I had no idea it was based on a fiction book. It wasn’t until 4 years later that I found it out. Haha 😀
    Two years ago I binge read Harry Potter books but as much as I want to finish it I couldn’t bring myself to finish the last volume. I mean come on! Until now my heart still ache for Hedwig 😥
    If he’s not your top favorite character, I say go ahead.


    1. Haha! same, I started out with the movies as well and didn’t bother with the books! But I know you get that feelings when the movies just weren’t enough anymore that you have to actually read already? 🙂 I’ll see how I’ll fare on this attempt, but I’m def reading the series soon! 🙂 Thanks, Jess!


      1. I’ve only watch the first movie before going over to the books. And though I chose not to finish the last book, Harry Potter is still my top favorite series. Happy reading! 🙂


  7. I really do not understand people judging others based on what they have or haven’t read. And though HP is one of the books of my childhood, I would say just go for it when you REALLY feel like it. But I do hope you enjoy it 🙂

    P.S. I haven’t finished the LOTR, The Chronicles of Narnia, Outlander, Game of Thrones and I have no plans of finishing.

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