TBR Takedown 3.0!

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It’s 2016 and I am definitely going to start the year right by participating in another TBR Takedown! 🙂 I pretty much had a successful TBR Takedown 2.0 and I can’t wait to participate once more. I definitely want to seize all the time I have in the month of January before school starts again on its last week! 🙂

This read-a-thon is again hosted by Shannon over at leaning lights, and here’s what y’all need to know if you wanna join in too! 🙂

One thing I really like about the TBR Takedown are the challenges that comes with each day all through out the read-a-thon. They’re not required, but there are perks if you actually do them and send the pictures via Twitter. The information are all in the video above 🙂

Anyway, here are the challenges and the books that I hopefully would be able to take down:

1. Read a book from your most recent book haul. 

For this one, I am reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I bought it last month and it’s definitely in my latest book haul! I love the concept and I know it’s going to be another amazing Rainbow Rowell read 🙂

2. Read a book on your TBR Shelf over a year (or longest).

Losing It by Cora Carmack has been in my Kindle for the longest time! And I know I’ve been meaning to read it for so long but I just don’t pick it up for some reason. Now’s probably the best time to just get on with it and get all the feels of this really high-rated NA novel! 🙂

3. Read a book outside your comfort zone! (Genre, content, etc).

One of the books I brought home for my long vacation is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling. I know this intimidates me because of it’s content. I’m not sure if it will still have the same effect on me (given the fact that I just turned 24!), but I’ll try to reconnect! Hopefully all things are good with me and Harry! 🙂

4. Read a first book in a series

I am finally, FINALLY, starting Cinder by Marissa Meyer this year! I am so optimistic about this series, especially this first book, because I have never heard any bad stuff about it! I know it’s going to be perfect.

5. Complete a series/Read a sequel in a series

The sequel I am reading is Scarlet by Marissa Meyer just because I really want to conquer the Lunar Chronicles once and for all. I really feel like I’m so left behind with my sci-fi and fantasy reads already!

Or! I can also go for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban since it’s the second in the series! Yay! This makes me very happy, haha, as I have lotsa options to choose from so I can hit two of the challenges in one go! ❤
6. Read a FIRE color book (Fire colours such as shades of red, pink, purple, lilac, burgundy.) Lucky Colors for 2016

I am going to outsmart this challenge and place Cinder here as well! 🙂 Hitting two birds in one stone, baby! 🙂 It has the perfect shade of red, and it doesn’t hurt that the cover is just so pretty as well! 🙂

7. Read a non-novel item: poem, verse, novella, short story, etc.

I am undecided about this yet. I really can’t think of one right now, so I guess I’ll just have to update once I’ve got my pick! 🙂

So that’s my TBR for #TBRTakedown 3.0 🙂 Tell me if you’re joining too, and I can’t wait to hear about your list!

Happy reading always!

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