“There’s no story,’ I say. ‘I saw you one day, and I just knew.” 

Omygodthisbook! I can’t believe I am giving 5-stars to Isla and the Happily Ever After after my semi-bad, shaky relationship with Anna and Lola. But this one, though, sooo freaking good!!! 

Quick Stats

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Title: Isla and the Happily Ever After 
Author: Stephanie Perkins
Date Read: December 4th to 8th 2015
Date Published: August 14th 2014 by Usborne Publishing 
My book format: Physical copy! 🙂 
Goodreads blurb:
The café is boiling. The atmosphere is clouded with bittersweet coffee.
Three years of desire rip through my body and burst from my lips: “Josh!”
His head jolts up. For a long time, a very long time, he just stares at me.
And then…he blinks. “Isla?”

Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on brooding artist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And, after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer break, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senior year back in France, Isla and Josh are forced to face uncertainty about their futures, and the very real possibility of being apart.

Set against the stunning backdrops of New York, Paris and Barcelona, this is a gorgeous, heart-wrenching and irresistible story of true love, and the perfect conclusion to Stephanie Perkins’s beloved series.

My thoughts
Honestly, I quite had very low expectations getting into this one, because, as I said, I quite had a rough relationship with Anna and Lola, giving them both a 3.5 in Goodreads. I mean, I did not hate them, but it wasn’t as moving and as engrossing and they were just okay for me. However, I knew I had to complete the collection and get Isla’s story, because, duh, I can’t have a bookshelf without the green book in Stephanie Perkins’ companion series. So long story short, I got the third book just for the heck of it. 
And then I opened it. And there’s the scene in Kismet. And then I flipped through the first few pages. And then the next, and the next, and the next until I JUST CAN’T STOP READING BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS JUST SO CUTE AND LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL. AND EVERYONE IS JUST SO EASY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH! 



The characters 
Isla Martin 
I liked Isla so much. In so many ways, I was able to relate to her, and to understand how she is acting one way instead of the other. And although there are times when I would want her to just be logical and do the right thing, I still knew and understood where she was coming from. I don’t know, it’s too weird, but I felt really connected with her, and I love it when a book does that to me.

Well, I can’t pronounce Josh’s surname, and I can’t even remember it right now, so we’re going with just Josh here. Anyway, with surname or without surname, Josh is PERFECT. He is. And I am not even exaggerating here. He is freakin’ perfect, and I love him more than I do St. Claire and Cricket! I mean. Oh, Josh, I can’t even put into words how I adored you, adoring Isla. How much I loved you loving Isla.


Let’s just say he’s the kind of guy one would actually wish for a boyfriend. Yes.

Anna and St. Clair, Lola and Cricket 
I loved how they reappeared in the end part of the story! Their presence there was just so perfect. Stephanie Perkins, I think, did a really good job in placing the returning characters in the end part, and not somewhere in the middle-ish, so the focus really wasn’t diverted from Josh and Isla. The story line is just perfect!

In general, it made me feel all the feels! 
I finished this book at around 10 at night, and it left me crying and smiling and crying once again. I just curled up in bed til midnight, having a huge book hang over. And I wasn’t able to study that night anymore because I just wanna re-hash everything in my head. Who cares about exams, right? Aaaah. It has such a nice twist and I love how the story has come together in the end. I was literally sobbing during the last few pages! And knowing me, crying over a happy scene is the perfect gauge on how I love a story.



The Boklander Rating

5 Stars

I know it’s been a while since I rated a book a 5, and even I am surprised that the next 5 I’m giving is to a YA novel, and a YA contemporary at that! But what can I do? It made me happy and giddy and I just loved every bit of it! ❤


    1. Hi Jess! I love Isla so much better than Anna! 🙂 I thought the story has more depth and more character development and aaah, it’s just perfect! ❤


  1. I’m so glad that you loved Isla even though you weren’t that keen on Anna and Lola. I actually read Isla before the other two, and I think my love for Isla ended up boosting Anna and Lola’s ratings as well 😀 I do agree that Isla is the best of the three! And Josh is perfection!


    1. FINALLY! Someone who also thinks that Isla is the best of the three. Not that there’s a competition, haha. But I just really love how her character developed so well. And definitely JOSH. Definitely ❤

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