Recommending Booktubers!

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My life has drastically changed when I discovered BookTube! I mean, it’s not that I wasn’t reading before, but now I am reading so much more! 🙂 Also, I am buying physical books so much more now! Like. I can’t even explain how drastic my book buying habit has become after BookTube happened in my life. 🙂 Before, my Kindle is my best friend and I just get all the books I read in there. I just buy books if a.) they’re written by my favourite authors (i.e. Julia Quinn, Sandra Brown, etc.) and b.) whenever I’m stressed out from school. Outside of that, I just get everything in my hand-dandy Kindle 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys some BookTubers I have recently discovered, and are under 10,000 followers. I’m sure y’all know about polandbananasBOOKS, jessethereader, Katytastic, abookutopia, PeruseProject, TheLittleBookOwl, etc. already. So I’m not including these big names in my recommendation here. Instead, I decided to focus on those channels that I have currently been watching (and re-watching!) and definitely loving in the process.

P.S. Again, I chose these channels that have less than 10,000 subscribers because I want more people to discover them and how good and comparable these BookTubers are with those big names out there! 🙂

2, 802 followers
Heather is a mom and I admire how she balances her love for reading, her mom duties, plus managing a YouTube channel on the side! 🙂 If you’re into adult vampire romance, you would love her. She also loves YA fantasy, YA contemporary, and I think just about anything she can sink her teeth into! She’s really cool, you should definitely check out her channel.

Hailey is quirky and I love her recommendations! She makes honest comments and reviews and you would totally love her shelf! I always enjoy watching her videos and I’m pretty sure you would too!
Casey Ann is the New Adult goddess of BookTube. 🙂 Whenever I am having a New Adult craving and I can’t think of a title, I’d always go to her channel and she will never disappoint. She has good recommendations and a really diverse NA collection 🙂
I can’t believe Katie has less than a thousand followers! She is really cool, and I love love her collection! She’s lately into New Adult, as am I, and I love how she does her recommendations and reviews. 🙂
Jacqueline. Oh, this girl! She’s quirky and she’s fun and she’s so energetic! I just love her videos! ❤ I most especially love her book hauls and I just could totally relate with her ‘coz I think we have the same book taste! 🙂 You should definitely check her channel out 🙂

I discovered Shannon because of #TBRTakedown 🙂 I believe she’s its creator and moderator! I love her channel so much and I would totally give whatever to have her book collection!
Yesy makes really cute and entertaining videos. She’s really sweet and really honest when it comes to her reviews! 🙂 I like that she’s kinda soft spoken and not at all imposing when it comes to her opinions!
I love her intros! Haha. She’s so funny and cool and her videos are very light to watch! Anyway, what I love most about readingwallflower’s channel is her book hauls. If you’re into watching extensive (but with really good picks!) hauls, you would totally love this channel! 🙂
So that’s it, guys! I hope you check these people out and have fun watching!
‘Til next post! Happy reading!

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