Book Talk: That Swoony Feeling by Meghan Quinn

This book made me SAD for two reasons: First, finishing it meant saying goodbye to Port Snow. I thoroughly enjoyed dipping into this series not just because of the characters, but also because of where all the books were set. Port Snow is definitely the perfect small-town romance setting and I no doubt fell in-love with it! Now that the fourth book of the fourth brother is out, I feel like there’s nothing to look forward to in that small town anymore and it leaves some sort of a hollow feeling inside me. *Gah, the drama I know! But you get what I mean.*

The second reason is ~ and god I hate to say this but it needed to be said ~ I didn’t quite like it. In fact, I was freaking annoyed with Brig the whole time because of how blind he was and it was just so frustrating to read! I kinda liked his being clueless in the beginning, it was still cute and all, but when it just dragged on and on until 80% of the book? Man, even I was hurting for Ruth the whole time! She’s was practically shoving herself to him and he still didn’t know what’s going on? I mean. Man. Pass. 

I am giving this book an over-all rating of 3 mainly because I got to revisit Port Snow again and I got to see my favorite characters like Griffin and Rogan. But as much as I would like to love Brig ( I know he’s the sweetest of them all!), I was just left frustrated and annoyed.

My 2020 Mid-year Book Freak Out Tag, and I’m Definitely Freaking Out!

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

2020 hasn’t exactly been a pleasant year so far and I really hope we’ll have a hundred and eighty degree turn soon. Reading-wise, though, things look a little brighter for me although I have only read 23 books to date. 😉  Here’s my mid year book freak out post aka pardon me if almost all my answers are related to MEGHAN QUINN and her books! 😉 Continue reading “My 2020 Mid-year Book Freak Out Tag, and I’m Definitely Freaking Out!”

I’M BACK? AGAIN? I guess so.

Who am I? What am I doing here posting an update? Do you still even know me? I’m sure you don’t anymore because I have been soooo out for so so long. I’m sorry?


Anyway, let me reintroduce myself because why not – I’m Kat, a twenty-something lawyer by day and reader at all the hours in between from the Philippines, and you can always find me ~reading after ten~ (o’clock? Yes, my blog name definitely pertains to a reading time reference) 🙂 Why are you only seeing me now, you may ask? No I’m not a guest blogger here. I’m actually your resident blogger  but life has gotten so much in the way this year that’s why I have been MIA for almost 7 months. I have been reading a lot of contemporaries and small town romances during the early part of this year — I haven’t been reviewing them though and it just feels so freeing, if you know what I mean? Reading without reviewing has definitely lifted so much pressure off my shoulders, hence you won’t see any 2020 reviews here so far.

But lately, I feel like I have been missing doing tags, posting reviews, and just writing in general. So here I am! I hope you would welcome me back just like nothing happened.


Don’t be a stranger! Post in comment section below what your BEST READ for 2020 so far is! I would love to catch up with each one of you!


Living Through a Pandemic: Day 75

I can’t believe it’s Day 75 already.

When work was cancelled on March 16, 2020, I thought it was just gonna be a one month thing, maybe two if things get “worse”. But look at where we are now – at Day 75, and we can’t even see a flicker of light at the end of this tunnel called COVID-19.

While there was already a buzz about the corona virus spreading as early as December 2019, it really was’t given attention at least here in the Philippines. Back then, corona was just “some virus spreading in China” and it was only after two months when everything started to get really serious. In February, the first death outside of Wuhan was reported by the Philippine government, and of course I can’t explain the panic we felt then because by this time we already know that the virus has spread outside of China, and worse it’s in the Philippines. By early March, the government confirmed two cases of local transmission. The unthinkable slowly started to happen — cases began to increase in number prompting the government to declare suspension of classes, work, and closure of some businesses.

Still by this time, it was just “some virus spreading around”.

For me personally, and I would like to think for a lot of Filipinos too, it all sank in when the whole island of Luzon was placed in quarantine on March 17, 2020, while the whole country was placed under a state of calamity. In effect, everybody was just home. Schools were closed, work was suspended both in government and the private sectors, malls and markets were shut, all means of public transportation were suspended, the roads were clear and nobody would dare go outside. It was just so scary and everything was just so uncertain.

The days that followed after the declaration of the lockdown were honestly such a blur to me. I worked from home, I conducted online hearings – which, of course, is unprecedented and definitely experimental on the part of judiciary. With the work-from-home set up, I should have been feeling more well-rested but instead, I was restless.

Now, we live learn to live one day at a time. No planning ahead for sure, because who knows what can happen, what might happen?

Here’s to brighter days ahead.

Stay safe.

Book Talk: That Second Chance by Meghan Quinn

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What is the “new normal”? Life after COVID-19?

As I was making my coffee this morning, a certain phrase that I keep on hearing during  the past days kept on reverberating in my head — “the new normal”. I have heard heads of states, heads of agencies, leaders of the world, even inspirational speakers, talk about us going back to our new normal once all these – the corona virus, the quarantines and the lockdowns – are over.

But what does it really mean, though?  Yeah, I get that the new normal is our *changed ways*, our more simplistic lifestyle, people being more aware, living more purposefully. I get those, believe me. But are we really ready for it? Or will we just go back to the comforts of our old lives having been deprived of them during the whole quarantine period? 

At this point my brain is just really curious, if you could call it that, about how our lives are gonna be once this pandemic is over. Am I going to have a new normal? Or will I just revert back to my old cycle as if nothing had happened? I know I’ll still drive to work every morning, get coffee from my favorite cafe if I fail to brew my own at home, spend the next 8 hours in the office, go home afterwards, play with my baby sister a little, and then go to sleep. The cycle is going to repeat itself until I don’t know when. So will it be my new normal if it is my old normal? 

I need to know how to handle this, really. Your thoughts?



Book Talk: Hotshot Doc by R.S. Grey

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REVIEW: My Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

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Kissing 2020 Hello!

I know it’s kinda late to be posting resolutions and all since we’re already a couple of weeks into 2020, but for accountability purposes I’m still doing it so I could just have something to look back to when December comes.

I honestly am not a resolutions kind of girl since I know in myself that I don’t actually get to do and keep them. But it’s the new decade, and I’m feeling the need to be more *disciplined?* in all that I do from hereon forward. So yeah. Here we go.


I don’t need to always be updated on Facebook. *DELETES APP*.

I can say that during the last decade, I have totally been consumed by social media, especially by that big blue F. Hence, I always know things about people – where they went for vacation, the new car they bought, breakups, new relationships, etc – that I now realize I don’t need to know about. While Facebook is great in connecting people – oh, I’d definitely give it that – I realized that there are just so many UNNECESSARY things that I am bombarded with when I do my scrolling. Things that my brain would sometimes process as important and relevant, but in reality are just posted there to intimidate, make one feel insecure about himself/herself, or just plain useless. Hence, I’m doing my brain a favor and am freeing it this year with some Facebook space. Yay.

I love reading and collecting books, but I need to finish reading at least half of what I own yet! In short, *NO BOOK BUYING*

Oh god, buying and collecting books are my Achilles’ heel(s?) and this probably is one of the most painful resolutions I am doing this year.

Let me paint you a clear *literal* picture:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

These are all the unreads in my shelf. They are around 85 and for the love of god, I will not allow them to reach a hundred by buying more. *Unless of course I am gifted with books, that is na exeception and that would be very much welcome* Anyway, I am not buying anymore books for the first quarter of the year or until my unreads has reached 65, I guess? Lord help me.

Minimalism actually feels right and sustainable.

I have recently been listening to some podcasts and TED talks about minimalism, and I am slowly getting inclined to practice it. Marie Kondo’s Netflix show is a big convincing factor too. However, I feel like I have so much to dispose and this is going to be a loooong minimalism journey for me, so for this year I plan to start small – less purchases of unnecessary things, cleaning up my room and donating stuff I don’t need – just the small steps. I’ll get there. 😉

To be more informed and to go out of my shell.

I guess I just have to be more involved in what’s happening around me and to not totally be consumed by fiction and Netflix (*curls up in guilt*). Need to go out more, interact with people, be in the know re: current event, etc. You, know. Get more mature? Yes.


That’s all for now folks! Hit me up in the comments section for your own resolutions that you wanna share – as I wanna do them too? He he. Have a blast this 2020!

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